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Ways to explore Iceland


The best way to enjoy Iceland is to explore its nature. And the best way to explore the nature is done by foot. The city’s capital, Reykjavík, is a colourful, small but cosmopolitan city that offers a multitude of attractions – but it’s the out-of-this-world nature that people flock to the country for.

The nature is predominantly unspoilt and the inhabitants would like to keep it that way. Visitors can go hiking on a glacier tour or walk through caves, even go on an crystal ice caving tour, and therefore there are various accommodations on offer around these attractions, including camping grounds, cabins or homestays at farms. Here you can even rent cheap camper vans.

In order to reach the attractions you will need to drive there, unless you’re a very enthusiastic cyclist, so self drive tours are probably the best way to explore the country. Most attractions in themselves are eco-friendly and mainly consist of walking or hiking, climbing, horseback riding, sailing, kayaking, rafting and generally admiring the nature and its animals.

There are some speed related activities also on offer, such as snowmobiling tours and quad biking – and a lot of tours that include Super Jeeps. Often they are required to reach more remote areas in the highlands, to cross rivers and drive over glaciers for example.

The most popular route in Iceland, the Golden Circle tour, can be done in a rental car, in a bus, in a super jeep, on horseback or even on motorcycles. It can also be combined with many other activities or attractions, such as a visit to the Blue Lagoon.

The forces of nature are strongly felt in Iceland. No matter where you will go, you’ll be sure to witness some magnificent scenery and in return just make sure you treat the delicate surroundings with respect.